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Choosing the Right Sized Storage Unit: Assessing Your Needs in Virginia

Admin | June 24, 2024 @ 12:00 AM

Are you searching for a storage unit rental in Virginia, but you aren't sure about what size unit you’ll need? Selecting an adequate storage unit is an important consideration so you can maintain your unit without spending money on the extra space that you do not use.

This article will outline some useful information to help you choose the best size for your storage needs.

Take Inventory of Items to be Stored

The first step is to take inventory. Walk through your house, garage, attic and basement and make a list of items you plan to store. Begin by asking these questions to help you determine what type of storage unit you will need:

●      Are you moving locally and need short-term storage for extra furniture that won't fit in your new place? Make a list of these large furniture items like couches, beds, dressers, tables, etc.

●      Are you moving out of state and need long-term storage for most of your household belongings until you get settled? Make a comprehensive list room-by-room for an accurate estimate.

●      Are you using it for off-season equipment like a boat, RV or sports gear? Ensure to measure these large, irregularly shaped items.

Make sure to open cabinets, closets and storage containers to audit what's inside. The more thorough your inventory, the easier it will be to determine the storage space required.

Estimate Size and Quantity

Once your inventory is complete, estimate the size and quantity of items.

●      For furniture, measure each item's length, width and height in feet to calculate cubic footage it occupies.

●      For boxes, determine standard sizes like Banker's boxes (1.5 cubic ft) and determine approximate number needed for things like clothing, linens, kitchen items, etc.

●      For outdoor recreational vehicles, measure length, width and height. Be sure to measure doors and extensions that open for accurate dimensions.

Jot down these estimates next to each inventory item then calculate totals for an overall cubic footage estimate. Add an additional 10-15% more space to be safe. It's much easier to have unused room than not enough!

Assess Storage Unit Sizes Available

Now that you've estimated your needs, explore available storage unit sizes nearby to choose what fits best. Storage unit sizes are measured in feet, usually 5x5, 5x10, 10x10, 10x15 and so on. Some units have height limitations, so factor that into your calculations if you have tall furniture or other tall items.

Consider these factors when assessing different unit sizes:

●      Calculate total cubic feet available in different units and compare to your estimates. Choose a size that can fit all your belongings, not just barely squeeze them in.

●      Consider ease of access - can you comfortably move your items in and out of the unit door? Make sure there's a pathway to transport bulky items.

●      Allow a little spare room for future flexibility or access. You don't want items crammed so tightly you can't walk around them!

●      Keep within your budget constraints. Determine price per square foot and what you can afford monthly. Price often increases incrementally with larger unit sizes.


Choosing self storage in Virginia is easier when you assess your specific needs in advance. Take a thorough inventory, calculate cubic footage totals including padding, then cross-reference available storage unit sizes at facilities close by. Select a unit that fits everything comfortably without overspending. This extra planning ensures you choose the right storage solution!

What unit size is right for you!

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